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About Us

Nanjing Sky Land Business & Industrial Co.,Ltd, as a company in manufacture, purchasing and trading busienss we was estbalished in 1995 thorough restructure and transformation of Jiangning Foreign Economic & Trade Co.,Ltd. (operate over. years).

We are located in Nanjing, capital of Jinagsu Province. We specialize in industrial products (hardware, meter parts, magnet, tools, machine), light industrial products (hats, bags, suitcases, shoes, gift and premium goods) textile and garments (home textile, fashionable jacket by own design) raw materials (activated carbon, ..

Except our own design or products we offer OEM service and doing according customer sample.

Apart from four own factories (3) and partnership manufacturers where we are shareholder C we have own foreign trade business serve for our producers and foreign customer. Also we are investing in commercial real estate and other projects.

Only our foreign trade volume reaches 50 mln USD per year. We have close and good relationship with many foreign customers from such countries like Japan, Korea, USA, Holland, Ukraine, Russia, Poland (Powogaz, Stex, Alties, ..)Australia. Need some names -thinking. Some of them are our regularly and many years partner.

The company creates the core competitiveness through constant improvements, close contacts with customer, strict regarding production and quality control, straight forward approach and opening communication.

Our position and long term experience in the Chinese business allowed us to offer all in one service from sourcing, manufacturing, quality assurance control and logistic/shipment on time.

Tel: 86-25-52191772,52280655 Fax: 86-25-52281028 E-Mail:yanbing-163@163.com;nj-jackchen@163.com
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